Multimedia Speaker
  2.1 Series
  3.1 Series
  5.1 Series
 Sound-bar System
  2.0 Series
  2.1 Series
 Hi-Fi System
  2.0 Series
 Outdoor Speaker
  1.0 Series


Throughout our long history, due to our professional Marketing and Design team, we are developing many types of consumer electronic products year by year.
Major examples are Bluetooth Speaker and Android TV Box in last year which closely follows the international market trend.
How are we able to achieve this time to market, considering the complexity of such varieties of applications? It is because of
1.Our Marketing Team closely monitors the market trend and determine new products to develop
2.Our creative industry designer designing attractive outlook, then our team of Mechanical Engineers implementing these into 3D data
3.Our 20+ experienced hardware and software engineer with knowhow in various fields of product development
4.Our professional Project Managers to follow up both in the product design phase and manufacturing phase
5.Our QE and QA team evaluating on the product reliability and perform complete product quality control
We are also able to make modification according to your specific request.
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